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What we had developed is a PFC Point System to help the players compete for something other than Money!  After every tourney your total points will be added to determine your rank. The object is the higher your ranked at the end of the season, the better chance you will be to make it, with extra chips, to the Elite Eight Championship at the end of the season.  Oh and there is now a bonus... 

Top 4 Ranked automatically advance to Elite 8 Championship

Your $5 Donation at the Events will go a long way to assist PFC and its Mission!

Participants earn 1 point. 

That is right! You are already on the ranking board just for showing up! 1 point is awarded to everyone who sits down and plays a hand. 

PFC Point System:

Final Table earns 5 and more additional.

We are playing a shoot out tourney at our PFC events. This will consist of 2 tourneys. The first one will be a placement tourney. Each table will send the top players to the 2nd tourneys final table or top ranked consolation tables, depending on the order you get knocked out of the first tourney. If you make it to the final table, the least you can earn is 5 points and 1 point more for every person you out last.

The winner can earn up to 12 addtional points, adding to his/her 1 point just for showing up.

5 Points awarded to each consolation table winner.

That is right so it is most definitely worth sticking around for the consolation prize! Maybe you did not get to the final table to earn at least 5 points just for being there, but you do have a chance to earn it another way by knocking everyone out at your consolation table. 

2 Points awarded to either Bounty or Bounty Hunter.

What? How does that work you say? Well before the tourney starts, we draw high card for the bounty player! Then within the tourney, the first player who knocks him out between the 2 tourneys will go heads up against him with cards up. Then the winner has an option to earn the 2 points if he or she wants to. Yes Earn! In order to claim the 2 points, he must wear a dress to the next PFC event, or she must wear a baby bib! Smiles anyone? 

Rules & Points


All Events will be every other Saturday @ 7pm


Event #1    1-25-14


Event #2   2-8-14      

Event #3   2-22-14     

Event #4   3-8-14     

Event #5   3-22-14     

Event #6   4-5-14  


Event #7   4-19-14


Event #8​   5-3-14



Saturday May 17th 6pm



Games This Season

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